New year, new who

New year, new who

Hello? Are you there? Where are you??

Don’t mind me, I’m just trying to find the elusive “new you” who is promised to appear on January 1st of each year right after Santa blows town. The odd thing is that frequently, the shiny new “you” does appear, briefly, blasting out of the gate only to disappear like a shooting star shortly thereafter. 

The actual date varies but anytime just around now (from late January to mid February ) is the timeframe when most New Year’s resolutions collapse. There is even a name for the day when that happens - Quitter’s Day (now I’m sad, are you?) 🥺

Let’s look at this depressing phenomenon through the lens of someone aspiring to a higher level of home organization via the typical cycle of New Year resolutions:


Thought: I’m gonna get so f-ing organized this year, look out!!

Feeling: Bursting with optimism!

Actions: Throw away all the things, buy the bins and the books about the latest org system, become religious about following it, annoy family to no end.


Thought: I am exhausted - the entire family getting covid, then flu, then pink eye was NOT in the plan. 😵‍💫

Feeling: Creeping resentment toward org goal (Who are you, goal, to act all lofty and superior? Did I mention we’ve all been sick?? )

Actions: Goal rebellion, active abandonment by end of month, make the unconscious/semi-conscious decision that it is just not possible to get organized right now. 

Next January

See previous January.

Next February

La la la, you know the drill.

Why do we keep doing this dance, repeating this cycle of high, high hopes and aspirations  inevitably followed by dwindling energy and enthusiasm and then….RIP goals?

Just as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for getting your home organized, there is no single reason for resolutions going into hospice around February.

Some explanations are: 

🤷 Jumping on the bandwagon

Have you ever thought about why you are making the org goal year after year? Is it possibly because society and social media start beating this drum loud around the new year and in a desperate attempt to clear your head of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” you absorb this message without reflection or questioning your true motivations?

Takeaway: Look at your why and the how will follow.

😵 Goal pile on 

Did you perhaps decide to tackle everything at once? While initially invigorating - at least mentally - the reality of starting a vegan/Paleo/”clean” foods only diet, honoring a morning meditation/journaling routine and instituting a 23-step skincare routine in conjunction with launching a side hustle while training for a half marathon is guaranteed to empty your gas tank within months if not sooner. 

Takeaway: Beware of all you can eat goal buffets.

🧐 Looking outward instead of inward 

Do you look to the “experts” for the latest organization hacks? Not to say that they don’t offer valuable ideas but don’t miss the critical step of filtering it through your reality. For example, if the latest media message is that minimalism = organization but you like abundance, don’t try to fit that square peg into the round hole of your life. 

Takeaway: Find or create the org style that works for you, not the other way around. 

😇 Delusions of perfection

Are you under the spell of perfectioncore and don’t realize it? Although there is a little dusty garret in our brain that holds the thought “it is not actually possible to be perfect” there is a bigger, louder raging party area of our brain that shouts “100% RESULTS ONLY!!” When you can’t deliver those results, loud brain says “BOO, YOU FAILED, GIVE UP!” which you then promptly do.

Takeaway: Consider the tradition of artisan rugs which often have intentional imperfections woven in to symbolize that life is not perfect. If life itself isn’t perfect, why would you expect your linen closet to be?

So gather ‘round and listen up - you are fabulous, just as you are, and the world doesn’t need a “new” you! 

But if you want to make some improvements to your organizational habits, remember:

  • You can start anytime, it doesn’t have to be January 1st. 
  • Start by examining your true motivations and goals then craft a method that aligns. 
  • Make room in your mind for fumbles and fails, it’s part of the plan!
  • When perfectionism comes knocking, open the door and politely tell it “no solicitors”. 😉
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