What is The Kempt Method™?

A practical approach that focuses on your thoughts and feelings to tackle home organization in an entirely new way! We give you easy tools to create attainable, sustainable habits to elevate your life.

We believe in the why and the how of organization.

The Kempt Method™

Start by assessing which of four organization mindsets you currently identify with by taking our quiz. This serves as your foundation to better understand what life is like for you right now.

Then we equip you with the thought tools that best serve your home organization goals.

Regardless of where you start out, the goal is to move to one organization state: Kempt. Whatever that looks like for you!

What are the steps?

  • Think

    Identify a current thought about a home organization pain point.

    Thought: My messy closet sucks, therefore I suck.

  • Feel

    Acknowledge what feeling this thought creates.

    Feeling: Discouraged.

  • Elevate

    Create a new thought mantra about this pain point.

    Elevate: I've done harder things than organize a closet. I've got this!

Take our quiz!

Uncover your current mindset around home organization.

So, what are the different organization mindsets?


When it comes to home organization, you feel overwhelmed by the work that needs to be done and your ability to do it.

You tend to save everything and figure you’ll do SOMETHING with it all someday but the piles keep growing and multiplying. You’ve explored the latest organizing “solutions” but only so far as to absorb the content and make a plan to start the program - then don’t because it’s just too daunting.

You want to feel unburdened of the mental and physical baggage that the state of your possessions are creating


You aren’t into uber-organization or minimalism, but your life is overcomplicated by the organizational state of your home and how you’re able to function within it.

You’re proud of the fact that your environment reflects the abundance of your life, but you find that your daily operations are hindered since you don’t have a system - i.e., you’re sometimes late to things because you can’t find your keys, wallet, etc.

You’ve browsed through home organization books and TV series but nothing speaks to you. You want to find a path to efficiency without sacrificing the unique sense and spirit of your home.


You have always considered yourself to be an organized person, but you currently feel overcome by a shift in your life that has changed your M.O.

Now you tend to let messes accumulate because you don’t have the same time/energy to address them as before. You’ve tried hitting these projects the same way you used to, but the old approach isn’t working anymore within your new parameters.

You long to feel calm in your environment again, even while your circumstances are more hectic.


You thrive on the rush you get from following a new organization system to a T, and are pleased when people comment on how together your home is.

However, once that initial rush is over you’re seeking the next “thing”. You’re trying to crack the code for the one perfect system but that quest is diverting energy away from other areas of your life.

You want to feel content that what you’re doing is enough.

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